Folk dancing

Rancho Tamar Alto (Philadelphia) Folk dancers Rancho Folclorico de Peabody, MA Grupo Folclorico Luso Americano de San Pablo, CA Os Nazareno (Naugatuck, CT)

Folclore the portuguese word for folk dancing, is in fact derived from two english words: folk (of the people) and lore (knowledge), hence, through folclore there is a diffusion of knowledge related to costumes and traditions, usually from one generation to another. In the United States, Portuguese-American immigrants have continued this tradition of folk dancing and follow the same customs and arrangements that are standard to folk dancing in Portugal.   

Traditional dancing costumes can be representative of a wide range of tasks and activities (daily work wear to Sunday best) from the specific region the group represents with their dances; however, some groups choose to wear stylized outfits that combine a number of elements from various regions, tasks and activities.